For Investors

The journey of tea started 5000 years ago, now the Turtle has arrived

Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water. However, the industry has been stagnant for a while. So we came along to create a revolution in tea, and we invite you in invest in it

Tea bar

Specialty coffee has taken the world by storm, with new chains of coffee houses popping up worldwide everyday. Nowadays, it’s completely normal to pay $ 3.00 for a good cup of coffee that only costs a fraction of the price.

The widespread of the coffee house model has paved the way for tea bar acceptance. Yet , there is a shortage in supply. We believe that the tea houses are not striking the right note. Tea should not be treated as coffee. While coffee is associated with busy and hectic lifestyle, tea is considered a relaxing and calming drink. In our hectic world that driven by ever developing technologies, we need time to disconnect, calm our thoughts, and re-enjoy the simple side of life. A tea bar model should acknowledge this fact.

B2B tea for HORECA

Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes (HORECA) has elevated the standard for quality coffee at their premises, and now it’s tea time! The trick is to keep it simple and practical, while boosting the perceived value for the customer. We have been working on that for a while now and designed the perfect formula for B2B needs (Check for restaurants & cafes section), and we believe that the market is huge with little to no competition


There are many companies that blend and flavour tea, but we believe they lack an important thing: a sense of purpose. It might be tempting to try that mango vanilla tea, but you wouldn’t drink it every day! The reason is that it doesn’t serve a purpose

Our focus is on tea in the Middle East. We’re trying to do is to find out why people drink tea, and to design tea blends exactly for their needs. There’s English breakfast tea, and we have a tea for "Arabic breakfast". People drink tea to relieve digestion, so we designed "Digestive Green". Some enjoy tea with Argeeleh, so we made for them "Lemonstalgia" blend. Are you having guests? We have "Ya Welcome" tea, a blend that even stiff traditional drinkers would love it. The examples are numerous. Please check out Tea section for more info on each tea

As for Teaware, we are proud to have invented an exciting new system for brewing and serving tea! Our Dozan teapot is our crown jewel that solves the dilemma of using loose tea in a convenient way with option of stop brewing the tea in a very neat and elegant way. We also design and manufacture cups and pots, locally and abroad, with the local middle-eastern market in mind. Please check our Teaware section for more info

In short, we are positioning ourselves to take advantage of a new alternative wave that value the calm and meditative mind. We also spotted a gap in HORECA for a better quality tea and practical systems, and we developed ourselves to grab this opportunity. As a competitive advantage, we develop our products for specific need with the Arab middle-Eastern region taste in mind