For Restuarants & Cafes

We are a tea supplier for restaurants and cafes

We started as a tea place that serves the real tea experience for our customers. After we acquired knowledge and experience in the field, we developed several tea solutions for other restaurants & cafe. Now and the B2B tea supplying arm is at the core of our business

Who do we target?

The hospitality industry! Any business that serves tea to its customers such as restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, spas and others. The rule of thumb is that if you serve good coffee, then real tea applies to you

What do we do?

We import tea, design blends for hospitality uses, and we blend them at our facility. We design and manufacture tea serving equipment for the restaurants. Upon your request, we visit you, assess your needs, and provide you with our recommendation. Upon approval, we provide you with the whole kit + training and support

Why do we do it

The sole intention is to raise the perceived value for your customer, which will result in higher profits and better customer loyalty

This is done through:

Build your Competitive Advantage

Compete on Value

You do not offer instant coffee to your customers – you use real coffee

So, why are you still using tea bags?  - welcome the real tea experience

Serve the best tea

The world of specialized tea is intimidating for the average customer. We came along to make it simple and understandable

Natural herbs & Ingredients

Flavoured tea might sound exciting, but would you drink it everyday? We focus on natural herbs and ingredient because we want our tea to be suitable for your everyday use

Practical blends

It’s hard to choose between different tea flavours for a reason: they don’t have real life uses!


Are your customers happy with paying the price for a teabag dropped in a cup of hot water? Or perhaps they can get excited about their own glass teapot, warm and cozy, on a candle light

Ease of preparation

We are born in the hospitality industry, and we know the challenges that faces the operation. So we designed a system for easy and smooth operation

Help & support

We will help to find the best solution for your establishment, then we will train your staff how to do it, after that we will follow up with you staff to make sure all is running well